Monday, June 2, 2008

Trampoline (Example)

Here's a simple example that predominantly features the work of "cutting on action."
The rule is that your eye is more attentive to how things move than how things look, so when you make an edit, if you cut to maintain the smooth flow of a subject (in this case, usually up and down), the cuts will look good, even if the subject changes (facing forward or facing backward, or even a different person).

Trampoline (Example) from m.h. rubin on Vimeo.

- cutting on action
- no production sound, all music (which sets the length)
- generally the camera is steady, even when the subjects are in motion
- notice one cut between a moving subject and their POV (point of view) which is in fact bouncing, but it is a short shot.

(Music: "Jump in the Line", copyright Harry Belafonte)

Here it is again, on YouTube:

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