Sunday, March 9, 2008

Aquarium Sketch (Example)

In those early days of 2001 I made lots of sketches, figuring out the fastest way to work, what techniques from hollywood could be applied, and so on. This is one of my original (more ambitious) experiments. In it you can see some good use of shot/reverse shot, nice examples of intercutting of two angles to build some narrative, and even a (risky) tracking shot that seems to work (Sc.3).

What's important to notice is that while it is one sketch, it is unusual in that it is many "scenes" --
Scene 1: Packing CAR
Scene 2: Inside Aquarium, big tank
Scene 3: Exploring Aquarium
Scene 4: Kids at Tidal Pool exhibit
Scene 5: Kid at a small aquarium
Scene 6: Giant Tank Room (backlit)
Scene 7: CAR home

Some of these scenes are one two shots and very short, some are a number of shots, and a minute long. It's all ambient sound. I could lose one or two scenes in the middle if i really wanted to shorten it (even this version is a minute or two shorter than the full version that only parents would love). The thing that makes it work the best for me is that I managed to have a little structure by bookending it with shots packing up and going home, inside the car. The second one, of the kids asleep on the drive home, is a quintessentially perfect (if not cliched) "closure shot".

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