Thursday, October 2, 2008

Deconstructing the Kissing Video "Sketch"

About 3 years ago I was shooting some video at Union Square in NYC, and I came across some odd class exercise going on. So I shot it. I cut the short video together into a little package and posted it to YouTube. For awhile, it went a little viral and got about 300,000 views. This is the video:

Below is the raw material I shot that morning in New York. I've added a little narration to describe a bit of my thinking while shooting it. Because I didn't control the event (which is typical in sketches), I had to make decisions quickly, and while I was shooting, about what kind of shots to get. Here's the material I had to work with:

Raw Footage from Kissing Sketch from m.h. rubin on Vimeo.

NOTES: It's not really a "sketch", by my own definition. It's really one master shot. Because i somewhat inadvertantly moved the camera and zoomed the camera in a couple spots, i chose to edit those out and use a couple cut-away shots. The fact is, i only HAD a couple cut-away shots, and one establishing shot. I generally prefer the unedited version of the master shot, but I added a little title and tried to clean out the camera moves... and this is the result.

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