Thursday, October 16, 2008

Home (Music) Video, 1991 - Jazz pianist Mitchel Forman

In 1991 I lived near jazz pianist Mitchel Foreman. I was interested in experimenting with some home video concepts and asked him to play a song that I could videotape. I was shooting using a ginormous s-VHS camcorder, and this was the home music video I created from that session.

In the video, Mitchel improvises a song which, eight years later, he added to one of his albums. It was released as "A Deeper Dream."

An Early Video: "Fruitman 1991" from m.h. rubin on Vimeo.

Mitchel's website:

It's also a good example of two bad degradations of media: shot in 1991 on S-VHS, I transferred it to MiniDV in 2000, and the source tape was pretty badly riddled with drop outs and magnetic anomalies. Now, 8 years later, this particular MiniDV tape has breaks in its timecode and control-type tracks, which makes it very hard to pull back into the computer. It could be impossible to indefinitely store videos without constant attention.

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